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What is Human Energy?

I believe that every human is created with a dynamo or generator,
designed to generate pulsating human energy. This generator is within.
You are the master but also the keeper of your energy ...
typesetting industry.

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What is trust?

"Can I trust you?"

One of the most critical questions that any human being
can ask of another human being.
What does/can it mean?

Welcome to Joppie Van Graan & Associates


What do we do?

At Joppie van Graan & Associates we analyse these energy prints in order to optimise an individual’s performance within oneself, within the group, the group’s performance in the team and the team’s performance within the larger organisational structure. We strive towards optimising the human generator in order to achieve energy profit as it manifests within various individual and organisational domains.

Why do you need us?

As academics with more than 40 years consulting experience in practice (both nationally and internationally), we have built our business on a foundation of solid academic theory coupled with practical reality in order to provide a unique and profitable experience for our customers.