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What is Human Energy?

I believe that every human is created with a dynamo or generator,
designed to generate pulsating human energy. This generator is within.
You are the master but also the keeper of your energy ...
typesetting industry.

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What is trust?

"Can I trust you?"

One of the most critical questions that any human being
can ask of another human being.
What does/can it mean?

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Joppie van Graan obtained a B.Comm, Honns B.Comm (Industrial Psychology); Honns BA (Psychology); M.Comm and D.Comm degree in Industrial Psychology at the P.U. for C.H.E., and completed the Management Programme for Executives at the University of Pittsburgh.  Research for both his Masters and Doctor degrees focused on work stress and human energy.

He is senior associate of Joppie van Graan & Associates, consulting widely for the past 40 years.  He focuses on coaching, team building, the assessment and stimulation of human potential, and the optimisation of human energy.

His customers (43 in the private and 15 in the public sector) are from a variety of business environments, including mining, manufacturing, transport, banking, financial services and marketing. He consults predominantly in Southern Africa, but also in South-East Africa (Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe), Texas and the UK.

He delivered 320 presentations on Human Energy, Work Stress, Burnout, Team Building, Self-development both nationally and internationally.

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