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What is Human Energy?

I believe that every human is created with a dynamo or generator,
designed to generate pulsating human energy. This generator is within.
You are the master but also the keeper of your energy ...
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What is trust?

"Can I trust you?"

One of the most critical questions that any human being
can ask of another human being.
What does/can it mean?

What is human energy?

I believe that every human is created with a dynamo or generator, designed to generate pulsating human energy. This generator is within.  You are the master but also the keeper of your energy. I believe that this generator has a fixed capacity and can produce only that amount of energy it has been devised for. Capacities will differ from person to person but no matter what your capacity is  it is still a capacity.  You can do only so much. Although the final output of energy for any given energy generator is fixed, output can, as in the case of any generator, be optimised through effective utilisation.

The energy generated by the generator is “pure”, and is neither “positive” or “negative”, “good” or “bad.  Energy simply “is”. Energy cannot be destroyed.  Burnout is the result of the management of energy when the outflow of energy chronically exceeds the capacity.  Post traumatic stress is the result of an explosive outflow of energy forcing the generator in a state of shock.

All generators generating electrical energy are designed to generate one type of energy, namely electricity.  The human generator on the other hand generates different types of energy.  Although these types are quite distinct, they are absolutely interrelated and operate on the gestalt principle, constituting the energy print of the individual.

The first type is physical energy.  Through metabolism the body is able to generate energy for autonomous functions, activities and behaviours.

The second type is mental energy.  This refers to thinking, deciding, reasoning and solving of problems.

The third type is psychic energy, referring to enthusiasm, drive, and resilience.

The fourth type is sexual energy, referring to the primeval urge to procreate.

The fifth type is religious or spiritual energy.  This is the purest form of energy and creates an environment of vibrancy.  It is all encompassing and creates an environment for the human generator to optimise its capacity.

The utilisation of human energy can be depicted on a continuum, moving from a defending “have to” mode through balance (stagnation) to a growing, “want to”, mode.  Physical energy’s nature is  to constantly move towards homeostasis and balance, while mental, psychic and sexual energy is able to move through balance towards growth.

The majority of humans use the major portion of their mental and psychic energy to defend, to prevent and for “have to” purposes.  Our core purpose in life is to stabilise and to survive.  For growth we need to understand that energy should be applied towards “want to” purposes, deliberately moving through the point of balance towards controlled unbalance. Have to” utilisation of mental and psychic energy leads to an intense outflow of energy, fatigue, feelings of resentment, helplessness and hopelessness. “Want to” utilisation of mental and psychic energy is the ideal and purest form of energy utilisation, because it allows for the optimum use of capacities, as well as the flow-back of energy in terms of self-actualisation. Therefore, for the individual to be empowered,  her energy capacity, her utilisation of energy, as well as the energy demands should be analysed, even quantified if possible, and synergised with the energy demands from all environments.

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